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The Discover Gila County Story...

Nearly 2 years ago the Gila County IDA had a big idea and they needed the help of Gila County and Supervisors Tim Humphrey, Tommie Martin and Woody Cline.  The idea consisted of creating a brand new marketing platform that would call for the development of a marketing plan, new website, social media platform and constant work to make it a reality.  The desired ROI on this program was to increase awareness of Gila County, its attractions and funnel visitors to our small businesses to create economic vitality for the region.

They would need a marketing consultant that had many years of proven success in the Tourism industry.  Cameron Davis with Razor Thin Media, LLC was selected from a bid process.  His over 26 years of marketing experience and 11 years as the Town of Payson's Marketing Director along with his proven track record made him the committee's final choice.


After several months of stakeholder meetings, in mid-2018 a

new marketing plan was drafted and accepted by the Gila County Board of Supervisors.  Work was started on the new website and took almost 12 months to build.  Over 500 pages later, was launched on Valentine's Day 2019.

We have put together a short video to showcase the many accomplishments that this program has made over the first 2 years of its existence.  As stakeholders, it is important that you know this could not have been done without your input.  Much of the success of this program is because you were willing to get involved and make it happen.  In 2021 we look to continue the success of this program and showcase our attractions, special events, communities and our businesses to all of Arizona and the Southwest.

Special Thanks to Randy Roberson for his voiceover of the video intro.
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