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The Tonto National Forest encompasses approximately 2.8 million acres ranging in elevation from 1300 feet near the lower Salt River to over 7,700 feet at Aztec Peak. The forest contains a variety of habitats that include coniferous forests and woodlands, chaparral, grassland, desert scrub, riparian and aquatic. This diversity supports complex assemblages of wildlife and plants.

The Tonto National Forest is a mecca for bird watchers.  There are hundreds of different species that call this forest home.  From its towering wooded pine forest and its sprawling deserts, Gila County offers the Birder an opportunity like none other.  Below are several areas that have been documented as excellent bird viewing habitats.  For a complete list click on the button below.


Payson &

Rim County

Birding Areas

Surrounded by the Mogollon Rim and its many lakes, rivers and streams; this area is a perfect natural habitat for all sorts of bird species.  

Credit:  DJ Craig


Roosevelt Lake & Tonto National Monument Birding Areas

This area is a natural riparian area offering the birder an amazing opportunity of viewing many different kinds of species.

Credit:  Audubon Society


Globe, Miami & Pinal Mountains

Birding Areas

The Pinal Mountains of Arizona offer the birder seclusion, and amazing views accompanied by birding opportunities not found anywhere else.

Credit:  Audubon Society

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