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Arizona's Gila County is abundantly blessed with many bodies of water from the very large, to the small.  Its lakes, streams, creeks and rivers offer ideal locations for swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and anything else requiring you to get wet and wild?

This page looks at all the variety of ways you can get out and use a boat in Gila County.  Not all locations offer the same boating experience.  So the pages that follow show where you can go to find your next boating adventure.

Before you embark on any of these adventures we want to provide you with this point of caution.  It can be very hot in Arizona, especially during the summer months.  So please make sure you have lots of water and that you come prepared for the sun.  Now get out there and EXPLORE THE WILD! 


Canoeing_Gila County.jpg


In Gila County

Canoeing in Arizona's Gila County allows you to settle down into the seat,  you’re so close to the water that you can reach out and touch it.  Here you can experience the sights, sounds and beauty of Arizona's  wild country.

Credit:  Dj Craig


River Tubing 

In Gila County

River tubing has always been an amazing adventure. And we have the 411 on best places in Gila County and close by that will allow you to float your way to paradise and see some of the most amazing things along the way.



Streams & Creeks

In Gila County

Gila County is know for its rugged wilderness areas and the rivers, streams and creeks that run through these areas.  Floating,  tubing, or paddling these bodies of water will leave you in awe at the surrounding beauty.

Credit:  Cameron Davis



In Gila County

Kayaking has always been a great cardio work out and boy are you in for a cardio work out.  The lakes, streams and rivers that dot Gila County are some of the most amazingly wild places on the planet.  Jump in and get to exploring!



Water Sports
In Gila County

Gila County has several lakes that you can take your speed boat and do some water skiing, tubing, and other water sports.  Some of these places do require a permit to operate a water craft, so pay attention to that.

Credit:  Cameron Davis


Paddle Boarding

In Gila County

Some people really love throwing themselves out of air planes for an adrenaline rush, but to others that would be a nightmare. Everybody loves to relax, and that’s why you’re going to love paddle boarding in Gila County.

Credit:  Rim Country Stand Up Paddle Boards



In Gila County

There is nothing better than grabbing your old trusty electric trolling motor boat and heading out for a day of fishing on the lake.  Gila County has some amazing and relaxing lakes where your boat will be right at home.

Credit:  Hike Arizona

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