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Cemeteries are usually thought of as sacred resting places for our friends and loved ones -- quiet places, where tears and emotions have choked us -- yet places we like to return to with flowers, seeking still moments to meditate.


Cemeteries are also one of the best places for "diggin' up bones" or stories of the past. Every headstone -- every grave -- has a story. Many of the people's stories are on the pages of local history books, but many are not. Many who have passed on are already forgotten -- their stories never to be told. Sad.


Whether good or bad, they have a right to be remembered because they are someone's child, someone's brother or sister, or someone's grandmother or grandfather. And someday, someone will be looking for their grave, trying to find their story.


This is our attempt to share some of that forgotten history and those stories.  


Below is a list of Gila County Cemeteries.  Each link takes you to  There you will find information on a few of the people buried in these respective cemeteries.  To the right, click on the pictures to find some interesting stories about people buried in these cemeteries.

Read Their Stories...

Globe-Miami Cemetery


We would love your help with this project.  If you have information about your ancestors and would like to share some of their stories we would love that.  They have to have lived in or are buried somewhere in Gila County, Arizona.  Please send your stories to along with a picture or two.  

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