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We welcome sportsmen, hikers, and adventure seekers to the San Carlos Apache tribal lands.  Our vast reservation is located in east-central Arizona and spans areas of three counties: Gila, Graham and Pinal.  Discover pine forests and high Sonoran desert, secluded lakes, and the wild beauty of the Black River. Our mission is “To preserve, protect and enhance wildlife populations on San Carlos for the benefit of the Tribe and for the benefit of the ecosystem.”


Contact Information:  

San Carlos Recreation & Wildlife Department

P.O. Box 97

San Carlos, AZ 85550

Phone:  (928) 475-2343

Fax:  (928) 475-2701

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Coolidge Dam

Coolidge Dam is a 1 mile round trip hike.  The trailhead is car accessible. February and November are the best months to enjoy this hike.  This was one of the world's premier dams when constructed. It is very ornate lying in a very scenic canyon. It is unfortunate that it has been ignored and is in such a decaying state, still it is a great destination. Courtesy

Difficulty Level: Easy


Crystal Canyon

A canyoneering beauty with 4 waterfalls within 2 miles and the clearest water in the state. This is a very secluded area that no-one knows where this hike is.  With that in mind, do you research before you go.  The area is truly beautiful and  pristine but it takes some skills to get there.

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult


Mount Triplet

Mount Triplet is a 2 mile one way hike with 1,520 feet elevation gain. The trailhead is car accessible. March and November are the best months to enjoy this hike. Mount Triplet is a unique and rugged postage-stamp benchmark summit with epic views of the surrounding area. 

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult


Peridot Mesa

For those who love wildflowers, Peridot Mesa is a must-visit seenic hike destination in Arizona.  The mesa is one of the Arizona's most popular hot spots for wildflower viewing. But before you go, here are a couple things you need to know.  

You will need a permit.  Click the more button for additional information.

Difficulty Level:  Moderate  |  Watch Video


Salt River Canyon 260

Salt River Canyon - US60 Crossing is a 0.75 mile round trip walk/tour with 75 feet accumulated elevation gain. The trailhead is car accessible. April and November are the best months to enjoy this activity.  Rest stop along US 60/77 featuring an old bridge (walking access only) and a new bridge (motor vehicles only). Depending on the season, this is the upstream starting point for many whitewater rafting or kayaking adventures.

Difficulty Level:  Difficult


Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls is a great local hang out, but due to its spectacular scenery and its proximity to a major thoroughfare to the high country, it is the perfect site for a hiking adventure, mingled with some swimming and photo ops.

Difficulty:  Moderate

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