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Besh Ba Gowah History in Historic Globe, AZ

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Video Credit: Jon Qube

Just a mile southwest of historical Globe, Arizona is the ancient ruins of the Salado people, who lived in the area over 800 years ago. The site of this historical village is known as Besh Ba Gowah, and is rich in Native American history.

The name Besh Ba Gowah was originally given by the Apache people in the early settlement of Globe. This term translated to the english language, means "place of metal."

At the Besh Ba Gowah ruin visitors will see the partially restored ancient ruin of the Salado people who occupied the site between A.D. 1225 and A.D. 1400. Enjoy the self guided tour of the village which allows visitors to experience the mysteries of those who came before.

The adjacent museum provides a fascinating glimpse at prehistoric pottery, stone and woven artifacts excavated from the site and a video interpreting the lifestyle of the people who occupied this region over two centuries before Columbus discovered the 'New World.' A seasonal ethno-botanical garden provides information about and showcases plants used by the people who made this desert landscape their home.

For all information about your Besh Ba Gowah adventure visit

Covid-19 Status

Currently the museum is closed due to Covid-19 but the grounds will be open with no cost to the public and during limited hours. The limited access is granted Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM. These hours are subject to change.

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