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The History of the Copper Kettle

In 1923, with no bus service and few cars, attending a game at the nearest high school meant about a seven mile walk-few stopping places in between. Parents objected strongly to this, not only because of the distance, but because of a rivalry which has no modern comparison. Gang fights and other misconduct were common and fear of injuries prompted both school boards to veto any Globe-Miami game.

Miami had a fully developed football team in 1923, Globe followed in 1924. The first game was played with no coach, no training, little equipment on Globe’s part and ended with a 48-0 defeat.

Globe did not win its’ first game until 1929 and a healthy cross-town rivalry ensued. It was in 1934 that the coaches decided to build the “G” and the “M” on the town hills to stop the vandalizing at the actual school buildings, which were subject to the hazing, window breaking and the graffiti that went with a Globe-Miami game.

The big game was first played on November 11, Armistice Day, in the hope that the day of peace would calm down students from both schools. That didn’t work, so the game was moved to Thanksgiving afternoon and drew huge crowds of townspeople, students, and alumni.

In 1947 the Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company made the actual kettle. Still today, it is an annual and sought-after trophy for the two schools. Many a football player will say winning the Globe-Miami game was the highlight of the season, regardless of how the win/loss column ended up.

In 1965, due to class state playoffs, the game had to be moved to earlier in the season. At 95 years old, it is now the second oldest football rivalry in the state and going strong. The Kettle is displayed at the winning school for an entire year, and little copper footballs with the game scores fill the beloved kettle. It weighs over 100 lbs.

The Kettle is taken to the game, guarded by the school that currently holds it, and makes a guest appearance at halftime. It always receives thunderous applause and cheers and hoots and hollers from all the fans in attendance.

At the end of the game, the losing team presents the Kettle to the victorious team and the bragging rights begin for yet another year.

The rivalry stands at 56 wins for Globe, with 3 ties.

This article was written by Dee Hunt and published by the Gila County Historical Museum.

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