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Where did Payson, Arizona get its name?

Prior to giving the settlement of Payson, Arizona, its present name, it was called Long Valley.

This was the more to distinguish it from other valleys in the vicinity, than anything else, it being a long narrow sienega, or valley.

John and Frank Hise, started a store at this little settlement. At that time, the residents had to go down to old Fort Reno, a distance of over thirty miles for their mail.

The father of the Hise boys came to the settlement to visit them. Learning of the poor mail facilities he remarked that the settlement needed a post-office. He was from Chicago and stated that he was aquatinted with a man there who could put this through and secure the much needed post-office.

He got in connection with Senator Payson, from Chicago, Illinois, who was the chairman of the congressional committee on Post Offices and Post Roads. The office was secured through the efforts of the Senator and the same was named for him.

The town of Payson, Utah, was also named for this same congressman.

The post-office was established on March 3rd, 1884, and the money order service was established on October 17, 1892.

Wm. Craig, still a resident of Payson, was foreman at the old Gowan group claims at the time, owned by Logan Brothers of New York and Smith Brothers of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was one of those to help secure this post-office.

The parties in charge of the post-office since its date of the establishment are as follows-

Payson, Yavapai County, Arizona

Established March 3rd, 1884.

Frank C. Hise, P.M.

Ada Bowers Apptd - Nov 11, 1885

J. Henry Thompson Apptd - June 9, 1887

Miss Minnie Thompson Apptd - April 25, 1888

Now Gila County

George W Bonacker Apptd - August 12, 1890

Edward J Bonacker Apptd - Dec 28, 1894

James W Boardman Apptd - Jan 16, 1899

William H Hilligass Apptd - July 8, 1908

Lawrence Boardman (Guy) Apptd - Jan 14, 1915

Ralph Hubert, Acting Apptd - July 13, 1926

Ralph Hubert Apptd - Dec 10, 1926

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Written by Fred W Croxen, Sr.

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