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Where To Go Hiking This Weekend??

With temperatures rising and sunny days now more prevalent, it is time to plan that hike you have been looking forward to. Why not Discover Gila County? Where is Gila County you might ask? It is located in the heart of Arizona... no, really it is the geographical center of the State. And if you live in Phoenix, chances are you are only 90 minutes from Discovering something special. Here are a couple reasons why a hike in Gila County will leave you feeling like you "Discovered" the next best place on earth.

Gila County is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest. Millions and millions of acres of trees. In fact, northern Gila County sits in the middle of the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world.

On the North end of Gila County, you will Discover the Majestic Mogollon Rim and hundreds of miles of trails including the Horton Trail, Military Sink Hole Trail, Pine Trailhead and access to the Arizona Trail, just to name a few. Click here for more details:…

If you want to stay close to town there are several options: In Payson, you can discover the trails of the Payson Area Trails System. Our favorite is the Boulder Loop Trail. Massive boulders dot the landscape, among large ponderosa pine trees. Click Here for more details:…

If you are looking into southern Gila County, you really need to check out the Pinal Mountains. The Icehouse Canyon Trail is one of a group of four main trails climbing the north slope of Mt. Pinal. Dotted with old mine shafts, the elevation and north-facing slopes combine to create a surprisingly lush alpine microenvironment and some very enjoyable hikes. If you can catch this area when the leaves are turning, it just doesn't get much better. Six Shooter 197 is awesome. When the creek flows, small waterfalls can be seen along the trail at several locations. The trail is a continual climb through several life zones showing changes in vegetation. The trail offers splendid views of Miami/Globe and the surrounding area. Click here for more details:…

If you are looking for a hike with some history then consider the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. There are several trails that lead down to the largest Travertine Bridge in the world. This is a great family hike with picnic areas and beauty all around. Click here for more info:…

If you live in the Phoenix area take a trip to Gila County and DISCOVER what you have been missing, COME EXPLORE THE WILD!

For more information on events and other things to do in Gila County visit our 500-page tourism website at

Also, make sure you are prepared - it's WILD out there. Check our staying alive guide to make sure you are fully prepared for your visit to Gila County. For more info click here:

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