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Gila County was created in 1881 from portions of Maricopa and Pinal counties, and later included part of Yavapai County.

Silver first attracted people to this area and soon became depleted, copper emerged and is still mined today.


Gila County is the home of the legendary Graham-Tewksbury feud, which began in the 1870s and lasted 15 years. It claimed dozens of lives and ignited tempers between cattle ranchers and sheep ranchers for years to come.


It is also home to pioneers, loggers, ranching families, miners, Native Americans, famous cowboys and outlaws. 


Below is a list of museums that have documented and captured many of the stories, photos and culture of Gila County's early people.   A visit to Gila County would not be complete without a history lesson for you and your family.


Credit:  Cameron Davis


Besh Ba Gowah
Archaeological Park

Besh-Ba-Gowah is a 200-room prehistoric Salado masonry pueblo located atop a broad ridge overlooking Pinal Creek. The site is situated one mile southwest from Globe, Arizona. Walk where they walked.

Photo Credit: Gila County

Credit:  Arizona Highways


Northern Gila County Historical Society

Discover the history and heritage of the world's oldest continuous rodeo, pioneers, settlers, range wars, logging, military and Native American stories.  And visit the replica cabin of one of America's most beloved Western Novelists - Zane Grey.

Photo Credit:  NGCHS



Roosevelt Lake and Dam Visitors Center

The rear patio presents a spectacular view of the lake. Inside are exhibits, videos and information on all the activities and attractions around the lake.  Find the visitor center at mile marker 242 off HWY 188.

Photo Credit:  Bureau of Reclamation

Credit:  Cameron Davis


Tonto National Monument

Tonto National Monument showcases two Salado-style cliff dwellings. Colorful pottery, woven cotton cloth, and other artifacts tell a story of people living and using resources from the northern Sonoran Desert from 1250 to 1450 CE.  Truly an awesome experience.

Photo Credit: Tonto National Moument

Credit:  Arizona Highways


Bullion Plaza Cultural

Center & Museum

Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum is dedicated to preserving and presenting the culturally diverse history, the human experience, and exploring the natural environment unique to the Globe-Miami region of Arizona.

Photo Credit:  Cameron Davis

Credit:  David Pinter




Tucked just beneath Arizona's Backbone, the famed Mogollon Rim, the Pine-Strawberry Museum in Pine, Arizona, was opened in 1979 for the purpose of displaying artifacts related to the prehistory and history of Pine and its twin among the pines, Strawberry. 

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Credit:  Cameron Davis


San Carlos Apache Culture Center

Fine crafted items, burden baskets from world renowned artists, Apache Cradle Boards are available. Peridot jewelry, paintings, carvings, books of Apache history, a true resource of information and wealth of knowledge awaits you.

Photo Credit: Cameron Davis

Credit:  Cameron Davis


Zane Grey Cabin 

& Museum

Zane Grey first came to Rim Country in 1918.  To many his is known as the "Father of the Western Novel".  He fell in love with this part of Arizona.  He would go on to write many Western novels about his "Beloved Rim Country" and his many adventures here.

Photo Credit: Arizona Highways

Credit:  Cameron Davis


Gila County 

Historical Society

The Gila County Historical Museum collects and preserves a variety of paper and electronic materials, including photographs, periodicals,  school yearbooks, journals, letters and more.  Discover the history of Gila County!

Photo Credit:  Cameron Davis

Credit:  Cameron Davis


Pleasant Valley


The Pleasant Valley Museum is located in Young, Arizona.  The main feature of the Museum is the Pleasant Valley War exhibit including a recreation of the 1882 Graham cabin. The conflict between the Tewksbury's and Grahams is still filled with controversy.

Photo Credit: Kathy Hunt

Credit:  Cameron Davis



School House Museum

The Oldest Standing Schoolhouse in Arizona.  The year was 1884. The families living in the Strawberry Valley, Yavapai County, in Arizona Territory petitioned the County School Superintendent to establish a school. 

Photo Credit: Cameron Davis

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