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The breathtaking landscape of Gila County has been in the works for decades. Natural forces carved attractions like the Salt River Canyon and the Tonto Natural Bridge while Native American cultures built civilizations like Besh-Ba-Gowah and Tonto National Monument. Experience all Gila Couty has to offer by viewing the regional attractions below!

Peridot Poppies

Before You Explore, Be Prepared!

Mogollon Rim


Stretching 200 miles, the Mogollon Rim provides breathtaking views overlooking an expansive forest of pine trees. Experience fresh air more than 8,000 feet above sea level.


Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake in Arizona at 15, 560 surface acres.  It is a favorite of avid anglers searching for the trophy largemouth bass along with smallmouth bass, channel catfish and crappie.

Roosevelt Lake, Arizona
Pinal Mountains, Arizona


A dramatic southern skyline bordering the nearby city of Globe, the Pinal Mountains offer four-season recreation luring summer and winter hikers, birders, mountain bikers – and fall foliage photographers.


When the gaming bug bites, but Vegas isn’t in your plans, Gila County in Arizona offers plenty of options. Our list of 3 casinos gives you several  choices for your gaming fun.  As an added plus, a short drive north or south of the Valley of the Sun, will introduce you to a dramatic change in scenery and temperature when the summer heat hits. We bet you’ll find friendly dealers, spacious overnight accommodations, upscale dining, pools, Jacuzzis and plenty of gambling fun from slots to table games, bingo and keno no matter what casino you choose from our list.


Arizona Trail

The Arizona National Scenic Trail stretches over 800 miles from the U.S. border from Mexico to Utah, connecting deserts, mountains, communities, and people.



Here visitors will see the partially restored ancient ruin of the Salado people who occupied the site between A.D. 1225 and A.D. 1400. 


Black River

The Black River is a 114-mile-long (183 km) river that forms southwest of Alpine in Arizona's White Mountains


Granite Dells

The Dells themselves are part of a high ridge directly west of the pocket. They alone are worth the short drive to the area.


Hells Gate Wilderness

Lying at the base of the Mogollon Rim, upper Tonto Creek has incised a 1,000-foot-deep canyon that runs entirely through the center of this Wilderness.


Homestead Rock

The Homestead features limestone sport climbing in a remote, serene, desert setting. There are presently over 250 single pitch routes ranging in difficulty from 5.7 to 5.13b.


Native American Ruins

Ancient Indian Ruins are found throughout Arizona but some of the greatest concentrations of prehistoric cliff dwellings, ancient villages, and pueblos are in Gila County, Arizona.

Peridot Mesa

February through early April you will find expansive blankets of Mexican gold poppies dotted by the lupin, desert-chicory, and blue dick across rolling hillsides.


San Carlos Lake

With 158 miles of shoreline, San Carlos Lake is one of the largest lakes in Arizona when it’s full – averaging 19,500 acre-feet of water in a good season!


Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls affords views of a beautiful waterfall and basalt canyon walls. It is a great place to take the kids for a swim in the summer.


Stewart Pocket

Located in the Granite Dells of Payson, AZ, the Stewart Pocket area may very well rival Sedona for it scenic beauty.


Tonto Creek

Tonto Creek is a year round stream with a considerable water flow that has formed a deep, remote and often narrow canyon below the Mogollon Rim


Tonto National Monument

The Salado Phenomena, 700 years ago, blended ideas of neighboring Native American cultures to emerge a unique and vibrant society.


Tonto Natural Bridge

 It is believed to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world. The bridge stands 183 feet high over a 400-foot long tunnel that measures 150 feet at its widest point. 


Woods Canyon Lake

Woods Canyon Lake Recreation area is in the middle of an outdoorsman’s paradise with biking trails, hiking trails, offroad trails, fishing, camping and hunting.


Devils Chasm Ruin

Perhaps the single most impressive ruin in the Sierra Anchas, and one of the least accessible.  Visitors will find the trail hard and difficult to get there, but the pay off is truly a WILD experience.


Goat Camp Ruin

Goat Camp Ruin is located in Payson and was occupied from about 750 to 1280 AD.  The site was originally a Hohokam colony that continued to be occupied through the Classic Period.

Gisela Ruin

These ruins are a hilltop fortification near the town of Gisela, Arizona. The ruins are composed of a main circle surrounded by many individual rooms.  Left behind by the ancient Salado's.

Content_Kinishba Ruin_2.jpg

Kinishba Ruin

Is a large pueblo ruin containing nine masonry buildings constructed between 1250 and 1350 A.D. by the pre-Columbian Mogollon culture.  Located on the White Mountain Apache Lands.


Pueblo Canyon Ruins

It has been suggested that this may have been the remnants of an older or hybrid community that managed to cling to its traditions after the larger  area was occupied by the Salado.


Shoofly Indian Ruins

These ruins are located just outside of Payson, Arizona. It was occupied between 1000 and 1200 AD. It contains over 80 rooms, and housed as many as 250 people. 


Tonto Natural Bridge Hiking Trails

These trails are amazing and beautiful.  The staff reminds us to please pack out what you pack in.


Interpretive Centers

From remote picturesque back roads to stories about outlaws and their hideouts, Gila County is the central gateway to some of the more entertaining interpretive centers in Arizona


Natural Landmarks

The Tonto National Forest has a rich heritage reaching thousands of years into the past. Experience it for yourself!

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