From its mountain pine forests to its saguaro-dotted desert landscapes, Gila County’s variety in scenery and lifestyle offers something for everyone.


What you will find throughout Gila County is friendly, stable communities proud of both their western heritage and their natural setting.


Some families go back five generations, lending continuity, while the county’s population continues to grow at a steady, manageable pace that allows thoughtful development.


Local residents enjoy a full calendar of activities – fairs, arts festivals, farmer’s markets, live music and more – and the moderate climate makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities year round. Throughout Gila County, history, culture and nature combine to create livable communities, rich with dining, shopping, cultural, educational, healthcare and entertainment options, all within an easy drive of the Phoenix or Tucson metro areas.

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Gila County

Gila County is made of up of small towns and cities with diverse backgrounds, deep roots and amazing traditions.  See what makes them unique.

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Educational Opportunities

Gila County offers many educational opportunities for its citizens.  Everything from K-12, community colleges and vocational schools, all geared toward making a great quality of life.

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Gila County

Here you will find information pertaining to all aspects of the government and services provided by Gila County. See what services they provide to the citizens of each town and city.

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News Sources

Looking to stay in touch with local and regional news and information?  Gila County has many newspapers, radio stations and other outlets to keep you informed.

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Chambers of

Gila County is served by several chambers of commerce.  Their purpose is to help businesses thrive, help the economy succeed and provide information to those looking to visit.

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Due to Gila County's diverse landscape, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out the weather patterns.  Click below to stay informed as you Explore the Wild and Discover Gila County.

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