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The Globe Ranger District is located north, south, and west of the city of Globe, and borders both the Fort Apache and San Carlos Indian Reservations. It is located at the “Bottom,” of the forest, being the district that is furthest south. The district consists of approximately 450,000 acres (approximately 182,000 hectares) of Desert, Chaparral, and Pinyon-Juniper types of vegetation, as well as a small area of Ponderosa Pine. The Upper Salt River flows through much of this district. The Globe district of Tonto National Forest is notable for the horseback riding and hiking opportunities. There are many amazing trails available that offer a genuine desert-landscape scenery.


Contact Information:

Address: 7680 S. Six Shooter, Canyon Rd., Globe, Arizona 85501
Phone: (928) 402-6200
Fax: (928) 402-6292

Globe Hiking Trails - TOP

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Bobtail Trail 194

There are spectacular panoramic views, as the trail travels through several vegetation types. At the higher elevations, Ponderosa pine, white fir, Douglas fir, and large manzanita can be seen. The Pinal Mountains are noted for their scenic beauty and ruggedness.  This is not a family hike or for the faint of heart.

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult


Bull Basin Trail 270

Bull Basin Trail 270: 4 miles long. Climbs to a little-visited but interesting basin.  Elevation: 3,550 - 5,100 feet. Termini: Trail 212 1/2 mile east of Miles TH, and Trail 203 at Tony Ranch.  Very remote and extremely wild and rugged

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult


Campaign Trail 256

A very scenic but little-used trail. Parallels Campaign Creek and then climbs over to the West Fork of Pinto Creek. Campaign Trail #256 is a 10 mile one way hike with 2,500 feet accumulated elevation gain.

Difficulty Level: Moderate


Check Dam Trail 190

The Check Dam Trail #190 serves as a connector between the Sixshooter Trail #197 and the Tollroad Trail #200. It is one of several trails that criss-cross the northern foothills of the Pinal Mountains, south of Globe. The Check Dam Trail was named for the erosion control dams constructed in the area by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930's.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level:  Moderate


Cuff Button Trail 276

Cuff Button offers hikers a chance to draw a line on their map through a seldom traveled area of the Superstition Wilderness. Cuff Button, like, many other trails in the Superstition wilderness started off as a road, apparently used to service the several, now in disrepair troughs, tanks, and springs along the route. Today, there is still certainly evidence of the old road along various sections of the trail. However, a lack of maintenance, its remoteness and accessibility have done their toll on the old Cuff Button road and it is severely overgrown and even difficult to follow in places.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level:  Easy


East Mountain Trail 214

The East Mountain Trail follows the ridge line of East Mountain, on the eastern side of the Pinal Mountains, near Globe.  Beginning at Pioneer Pass Trailhead below Pinal Peak, begin following an old jeep road uphill to the east. A splintered wooden trail sign soon lets you know that you are on the East Mountain Trail #214. After a short time, the road becomes a trail, and enters the pine forest of upper Pinal Creek canyon. The trail proceeds to climb higher on the north slope of the ridge through ponderosa pines and plentiful gambel oaks. There are some good views of Pinal Peak to the west in this area.  Courtesy

Difficulty:  More Difficult

Trails_Ferndell Trail 204.jpg

Ferndell Trail 204

The Ferndell Trail #204 is a short connector trail that runs between the Sixshooter Trail #197 and the Squaw Spring Trail #196 near the top of 7848 foot Pinal Peak, in the Pinal Mountains near Globe. This trail doesn't appear to see much traffic, but it is maintained and relatively easy to follow. Although short, it is a great trail to see fall colors on, and would be easy enough for children to hike.  Courtesy

Difficulty:  Easy

Trails_HauntedCanyon Trail 204.jpg

Haunted Canyon Trail 203

The hike starts from a parking area just south of the metal bridge heading south on an old jeep trail along the creek. When you get to an old corral its time to turn west on the trail. As the trail follows the creek through Haunted Canyon, the serenity and beauty make you totally unaware of the steady gradual climb. There are a couple spots where you actually have to cross fallen log bridges to follow the trail. The trail is easy to follow with the exception of one spot. The canyon narrows at one point to two vertical rock walls. If there is water in the creek your choices are to either take of the shoes and wade or climb up to the right.  Courtesy

Difficulty:  Moderate


Icehouse Trail 198

The Ice house Canyon Trail is one of a group of four main trails climbing the north slope of Mt. Pinal.  Dotted with old mine shafts, the elevation and north facing slopes combine to create a surprisingly lush alpine microenvironment and some very enjoyable hikes.  If you can catch this area when the leaves are turning, it just doesn't get much better.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level:  Most Difficult


Kellner Trail 242

The Kellner Canyon Trail, like the others in the area, disguises a real workout with relaxing beauty. All of the trails generally start at the same 4500' elevation trailhead and finish near the top of the mountain at over 7500'. Of the four main trails, this one does top out a little further west than the others on FR651 at only about 7200'. These trails are also popular with mountain bikers


Difficulty:  Easy


LOST Trail

This Legends of Superior Trail connects the historic mining town of Superior with the Arizona Trail, 6 miles to the west. Along the way it passes through the high Sonoran Desert, the remains of the abandoned town of Pinal, and the riparian forest along Queen Creek, all while under the gaze of the majestic Picketpost Mountain to the south and Apache Leap to the east. Along the way you will find numbered stations on posts where you can use the brochure below to learn more about the history and environment of this uniquely beautiful area.

Difficulty Level:  Easy   |   Brochure


Paradise Trail 271

Passes through wild little-visited country in the southeast corner of the Wilderness.  The trailhead has parking for several cars but is poorly marked. The trailhead signage is located 100 ft up a bare earth hill and is not visible from the road.  The trail is very easy to follow being broad and generally flat as it switched back and forth across the stream.

Difficulty Level:  Moderate


Pioneer Trail 196

From the Pinal Peak Trailhead, Pioneer Trail 196 drops abruptly off the east-facing side of the peak and initially follows the bottom of a shallow ferncovered drainage in a southeasterly direction. After ¼ mile, the trail passes through a gate (be sure to close it) to Squaw Spring. After about 1.5 miles, travelers can view Pioneer Basin from a ridge. In the last 1000 feet before reaching Pioneer Pass, the trail was an old jeep road. Starting from the Pioneer Pass Trailhead, this trail is one of the easier ascents to Pinal Peak.

Difficulty Level:  More Difficult


Pipeline Trail 193

Pipeline Trail #193 - Pinal is a 0.65 mile one way hike with 185 feet accumulated elevation gain. Located 53 miles east of  Mesa Arizona. November and April are the best months to enjoy this hike.  Much of the trail follows a pine-covered ridge with spectacular views.The Pinal Mountains are noted for their scenic beauty and ruggedness. 


Difficulty Level:  Easy


Sixshooter Trail 197

When the creek flows, small waterfalls can be seen along the trail at several locations.The trail is a continual climb through several life zones showing changes in vegetation.The trail offers splendid views of Miami/Globe and the surrounding area. 

Difficulty Level:  Difficult


Spencer Spring Trail 275

The Spencer Spring Tail appears to be well traveled and heads off to your left. It trail criss-crosses the Spencer Spring Creek numerous times so one has to be on the lookout for cairns or risk getting off trail which will slow you down and result in cat claw encounters. At one point, the trail follows along the west side of the creek through a 50 yard gauntlet of cat claw which was simply brutal. Reportedly better in 2017. For the most part you are hiking along the creek bed under the trees without any real views to speak of until you get about halfway up the canyon.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level:  More Difficult


Telephone Trail 192

Trail 192 begins at the parking lot of Icehouse CCC Recreation Site and runs southwest across Forest Road (FR) 112. There is a fork at mile 0.2 where Icehouse Trail 198 begins on the right. Stay left on Telephone Trail 192 and continue to Dog House Springs where Telephone Trail 192 once again meets Icehouse Trail 198. The two run together for about 200 feet past the remains of an old cabin. Telephone Trail 192 then turns east and climbs out of Icehouse Canyon. The trail runs up a narrow ridge along an underground power and telephone line offering scenic views of Globe and Miami.  


Difficulty Level:  Most Difficult


Tollroad Trail 200

The Toll Road Trail #200 climbs the northern foothills of the Pinal Mountains south of Globe, Arizona. Starting in the high desert, this trail terminates in the tall pines of upper Pinal Creek canyon. The Toll Road Trail follows the route of an 1883 toll road that was built to provide access to the Pioneer Mining District on the south side of the Pinals. With three other trails connecting to it, the Toll Road Trail provides opportunities for loop hikes as well.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level:  More Difficult


Una Del Oso Trail 201

The Una Del Oso Trail #201 is a short little trail in the Pinal Mountains south of Globe. A former road, the Una Del Oso Trail provides access to the middle section of the Tollroad Trail. The Tollroad Trail was a former toll road built in 1883 to connect Globe to the Pioneer Mining District on the south side of the Pinal Mountains. In 1882, somewhere in the Una Del Oso/Tollroad Trail area, a robbery of a Wells Fargo pack train took place. Pinal Creek canyon is a peaceful area today, and wagons loaded with precious metals from two centuries ago have been replaced by hikers, bikers, and horseback riders, in this scenic mountain canyon.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level:  Easy


West Pinto Trail 212

A scenic trail mostly located in the west fork of Pinto Creek. Steep grades on portions near Iron Mountain. The east section is in the canyon bottom that is subject to flooding and may be difficult to follow.  Bushwhacking, exercising trail-finding skills, climbing decent elevation gain, and preparing for isolated conditions are necessary on this route when taking its full length.

Difficulty Level:  Difficult

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