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The Pleasant Valley Ranger District is located on all four sides of the town of Young, and it continues north to the Mogollon Rim and east to the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. The district consists of approximately 420,000 acres (approximately 170,000 hectares) of Chaparral, Pinyon-Juniper, as well as significant areas of scattered Ponderosa Pine-Juniper types of vegetation. Recreationalist enjoy the hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and horseback riding. Pleasant Valley is popular because of its proximity to Young, and its easy access of a quick summer get away.

Contact Information:

Address: P.O. Box 450, Forest Road 63, Young, Arizona 85554
Phone: (928) 462-4300
Fax: (928) 462-4346

Pleasant Valley Hiking - Top

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Abbey's Way 151

The trail is surrounded by a beautiful mixed conifer forest. Edward Abbey (1927-1989) an environmental writer, worked for two seasons as a lookout at Aztec Peak and made reference to it in one of his books.

Abbey's Way leaves Workman Creek Road (FR 487) to the northeast and heads towards a mountain meadow, which was part of an old homestead ~1914 to 1939, Peterson Ranch (Glars Pete Peterson). The trail then climbs directly up the pine and Douglas fir-covered slopes of Aztec Peak towards the lookout tower. The trail wraps around the peak and meets FR 487 just east of the top of the peak. 

Difficulty Level: More Difficult


Boyer Trail 148

The most popular way to hike into the Salome Wilderness' "Hell's Hole" area is via Hell's Hole TH/Trail#284 accessed off Hwy#288 (the Young Hwy). The much more remote and challenging Boyer Cabin TH/Trail#148 allows you to access Hell's Hole from another side of the Salome Wilderness IF you are good at trail route finding "and" IF you give yourself enough time to do this ~16.5mi R/T hike. It would be very tough to hike it all in one day to have any extra time to enjoy and explore around scenic Hell's Hole before needing to head back to the TH for the slow and long drive out.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level: Difficult


Center Mountain Trail 142

The Center Mountain Trail #142 is a lightly used trail that climbs up and over 7500 foot Center Mountain, along the sheer eastern edge of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness.  The Trail is very remote and passes through stands of Ponderosa Pine and gives the hiker amazing viewpoints.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult


Cienega Spring 145

This TH/TR145 (originally an old uranium mining road) provides an "alternate" trail connection to the HAZ "McFadden Horse Trail #146" hike. This Cienega Spring TR#145 adds some scenic driving time/distance, adds an additional 2.8 miles R/T hiking distance with an opportunity to view six(6) nineteenth century Sierra Ancha uranium mine adits along this 2.4ml route and also provides some scenic views of the Reynolds Creek Drainage below.  Courtesy

Difficulty:  Most Difficult


Coon Trail 124

This hike as an easterly trek from the Oak Creek TH to the Bull Canyon TH. FR189 ends at Oak Creek adjacent to the southern boundary of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. There is an abandoned corral and cabin near the trailhead. Coon Butte dominates the view to the immediate east, while Aztec Peak and Moody Point loom to the north.  Courtesy

Difficulty:  More Difficult


Creekside Trail

Workman Creek Falls. Excellent photography opportunities. Sierra Ancha Wilderness access. Historical and prehistoric sites. Aztec Peak Lookout. The Workman Creek area is the habitat for whitetail deer, bear, elk, turkey, javelina, mountain lion and many other animal species. No drinking water.

Difficulty:  More Difficult


Dan's Trail 550

From FR 109, Dan’s Trail follows a ridge south for two miles with a descent of 400 feet elevation. It meets with FR 512 at an arroyo bottom then turns north to climb along another ridge. After 1 mile, it turns to the east and descends to another arroyo. It then follows north up a third ridge to return to FR 109 at point 1 ½ miles east of the start. Returning on FR 109 can make a loop.

Difficulty:  Most Difficult


Deep Creek Trail 128

Deep Creek Trail #128 is a 4.66 mile one way hike with 1,150 feet accumulated elevation gain. Located 54 miles east-northeast of Mesa Arizona. October and April are the best months to enjoy this hike.

This trail provides nice hiking and passes through a chaparral grassland basin with fine views of the bluffs of the Sierra Ancha Mountains.  

Difficulty:  Easy


Grapevine 135

90% percent of this now "very" overgrown trail with some deadfall trees to negotiate was once an old Jeep road for Uranium mining access which contours under the high and scenic bluffs of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness north to south, generally paralleling "out of hearing range & sight" Cherry Creek Road(FR203); This 4.3ml "one way" trail ends at the intersection of the Sierra Ancha - Lucky Strike Trail#144.  Courtesy

Difficulty:  Easy


Hell's Hole Trail 284

It starts as a nice stroll up an old jeep road through pine forest. After 100 ft. in you will come to a sign for the Hells Hole Trail-6 miles, Boyer trail-2 miles.  Truly one of the most WILD and secluded areas in the whole western united states.  Hikers will find beauty, wild life and riparian areas galore.  But be careful it is not called the Hell's Gate Wilderness for nothing. Courtesy

Difficulty:  More Difficult


Jug Trail 61

This is an out-n-back 3.5 mile hike on Jug Trail #61 to Salome Creek. Salome Creek is a major drainage for the Sierra Ancha range. The Jug is the narrow section of Salome Creek just before it widens after Dutchwoman Butte. Dutchwoman Butte looms to your right.   The jug lies in the area below this butte. With that in mind it's easy to get an idea as to where you are headed.  Warning - EXTREME WILD Read More.

Difficulty:  More Difficult


Lucky Strike 144

There is some major elevation change on this trail, which was an old jeep road. It is easy to follow and passes by an area of past mining activity.  At approximately the 3mi point, this easy to follow trail with some downed trees to negotiate, takes an approx 160 degree turn at a very scenic viewpoint looking up at the jagged bluffs of Center Mountain to the southwest.

Difficulty:  Most Difficult


McFadden Horse 146

This dead-end trail climbs steeply up onto pine-covered McFadden Horse Mountain; some excellent views.

Difficulty:  Most Difficult


Moody Point 139

This trail is the longest and one of the most difficult trails in this Wilderness. There is some major elevation change on this trail, and it may be indistinct and difficult to follow in some places. West-to-east (downhill) travel is recommended. Travelers may not be able to cross Cherry Creek during high water levels.

Difficulty:  Most Difficult


Murphy Ranch 141

Murphy Ranch Trail #141 is a 1.18 mile one way hike with a 639 ft drop in elevation. May and October are the best months to enjoy this hike.

This trail drops down to the Rim Trail 139 from near the privately-owned Murphy (Haldeman) Ranch. It travels through mixedconifer and some thickets of New Mexican tree locust.  

Difficulty:  More Difficult


Park McFadden Trail 55

Views of Park Creek Canyon and the Sierra Ancha Mountains. McFadden Peak Lookout Tower. Wildlife includes: mountain lion, black bear, wild turkey, deer, elk, and smaller animals.Vegetation consists of ponderosa pine, pinyon, juniper, gambel oak, scrub oak, and manzanita. This is a very scenic trail.

Difficulty:  More Difficult


Parker Creek 160

This is a scenic trail that climbs from the Young Highway up into the Sierra Ancha through Ponderosa Pine and mixed-conifer; some good views. Access is through the former sierra Ancha Experiment Station Headquarters (now partially occupied by A.S.U.).

Difficulty:  Most Difficult


Reynolds Creek 150

It climbs “Te switchbacks’ and traverses scenic Knoles Hole. A part outside the Wilderness was an old logging road. Some segments are brushy and hard to find. The southern end of this trail borders the privately owned Murphy Ranch.

Difficulty:  Difficult


Rim 139

From the road closure barrier at FR487 near the Falls camp ground you begin a steady ascent of close to 500 feet taking you to the lip of Workman Creek Waterfall at mile 0.65. Continue along FR487 climbing another 500 feet until you reach the Carr Trail Head at mile 1.58. Congratulations... you've just completed one of the more aerobic sections of the hike.  Courtesy

Difficulty Level: Easy


Valentine Trail 551

From FR 188, Valentine Trail crosses a small arroyo, and then gradually climbs a ridge while following the contour on its north side. At a small saddle, the trail turns to the southwest and generally follows the ridge top until it meets with FR 109. Excellent opportunity for all-terrain biking. Trail is surrounded by beautiful Ponderosa pine and fir forest. Trail is located near Valentine Ridge Campground.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

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