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Nature Series: Strawberry, Arizona (Fossil Creek) Waterfall and Cliff Jumping with my GoPro
Nature Series: Strawberry, Arizona (Fossil Creek) Waterfall and Cliff Jumping with my GoPro
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Strawberry Arizona Traffic Jam
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Strawberry, Arizona
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Bear Canyon, just outside of Strawberry, AZ
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and Brewing

Pine/Strawberry may be small but they  have some amazing quaint restaurants and brew pubs. Nothing is better after a day of adventure than some good food and a cold beer.


Strawberry School House & Museums

Strawberry and its sister community Pine, Arizona have some great stories to tell.  Check out the oldest School House in all of Arizona right here!  Also learn of early settlers that staked their claim.


Discover Fossil 

One heck of a hike but the pay off is worth it.  Fossil Creek has for a long time been one of Arizona's favorite swimming holes.  Bring lots of water and good's AWESOME!

Copyright - Cameron Davis - All Rights Reserved

Copyright - Cameron Davis - All Rights Reserved

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Strawberry Patchers Quilt
Strawberry School House
Grazing Elk in Strawberry, AZ
Strawberry "Bear" Restaurant
Fossil Creek Near Strawberry, AZ
The Mogollon Rim
Inside the Strawberry School House
Strawberry Festival
Lazy Elk in Strawberry, AZ
Coconino Hotshots Guarding the Rim
Cabins On Strawberry Hill
Firewise Education Day
"THE BEAR" Steakhouse
Tonto Natural Bridge Sign
Snowy Morning in Strawberry, AZ
Mogollon Monster 100 Race
Strawberry Inn
Sportsman's Chalet in Strawberry, AZ
Strawberry Festival

The Sweet

of Arizona's Rim Country

Looking to get in touch with nature? Wrap your arms around one of the huge Ponderosa Pines that have been growing for hundreds of years in the Tonto National Forest Preserve that surrounds the quaint mountain town of Strawberry.


About 10 miles south of town examine another natural wonder, Tonto Natural Bridge – one of the world’s only natural travertine bridges. The beauty doesn’t stop there. This lovely town at the base of Arizona’s famous Mogollon Rim also has seven lakes nearby. The fishing can’t be beat!


Gold in the hills – discovered around 1875 – began the influx of settlers to the area. It was these early residents that gave Strawberry its colorful name, inspired by the wild strawberries that grew across the land. They also established the Strawberry Schoolhouse in 1885. It still stands today as the oldest schoolhouse in Arizona and is open for tours May through mid-October.


Time your visit right to take part in the annual Pine-Strawberry Summer Fest, usually in early June. Small-town charm, beautiful scenery, cool mountain air, live music, crafts, brewed beer and awesome food make this community a great place to adventure.

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Create Your Adventure In Stawberry, AZ

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