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Natural landscapes that beckon.  Hundreds of miles of car-free paths and perfect weather, it is no wonder road cyclist proclaim that Arizona is the best when looking to cycle.

The rest of the country is probably sick of hearing about our awesome weather, but c’mon!  In the winter, the thermometer still shows a breezy 75!  While the rest of America hunkers down for a long, cold winter, we get outdoors. 


A bike is the perfect way to enjoy Gila County's far-flung natural beauty, from the Pinal Mountains near globe to the top of the Mogollon Rim to the north, it doesnt get any better than this.   


Tonto Basin to Roosevelt Lake to Globe

Difficulty: Moderate

Average time: 8 hr

Ride Mileage: 81 to 100 miles

Climbing Elevation: 3931.5 ft

Type of ride: Rolling

Road/Mountain: Road

The start of the ride you could see a bit of the town and as the ride progressed it became better and better. Blue sky as far as you can see and desert breezes push you along every mile. The road from Tonto Basin will wind you past Roosevelt Lake off in the distance to your left, and the Roosevelt Damn off to your right. The round trip back to Tonto Basin with cascading mountains laid out before you. The freedom of the ride between Maricopa and Gila County is as breathtaking as it it challenging.

Payson Area Road Cycling System

The Payson Area Road Cycling System is a connecting road system in Payson, Arizona for those who like to get out and ride their bikes.  Some of the routes can be very challenging due to the mountainous terrain in Payson.  Below is a link to the area route map with many different options.  Make sure you map your ride before you and obey all traffic laws.  As the locals say..."Get out and Adventure Where We Live" on the Payson Area Road Cycling System.

[ Click Here for Map ]

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